Never give up, never surrender (Sports Video Clip)

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During the craziest fourcross race ever at JBC 4X Revelations Michal Marosi did something unbelievable! Crashed hard on a pro section, got back on his bike and passed rest of the riders on wallride!

How Does A Gas Nozzle Know When To Shut Off? (Informative Video)

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If you've ever put gas in a car, you've probably noticed how the gas pump shuts off when your tank is full. But how does it know to do that? Learn more about the clever mechanism that keeps your gas tank from overflow...

Kid Magically Vanishes Into Thin Air – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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This kid is asking people to film him in a park. While they are distracted setting up the camera, the kid mysteriously vanishes into thin air. Paranormal phenomenon, or paranormal prank?

Employee FREAKS OUT at Mean Boss – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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It seems like this guy can't get a break from his overbearing boss. Fed up with all the complaining, he freaks out and decides to tape his boss' mouth shut!

Largest glacier calving ever filmed – Nature is magnificent

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"CHASING ICE" is NOMINATED for an Academy Award. captures largest glacier calving ever filmed. On May 28, 2008, Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Gr...

“I Quit!” lady dances around the office at 4AM

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By Uploader: I work for an awesome company that makes news videos. I have put my entire life into this job, but my boss only cares about quantity, how fast we write and how many views each video gets.I believe it'...

Some guy decided to fold in peoples faces from movies. The result is….. unnerving

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Face Folding 2, Scott Pilgrim vs The Fold. Fold Wars. Harry Potter and the Deathly Folds.

Magic Stain Remover Prank – Funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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A display of a new, VERY effective, stain removing product has people in shock by how well it works!

Face Door Knocker Comes to Life – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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The door knocker comes to life and scares the bejeebus out of people trying to deliver a package!

Sheep In The Island 2 [HD] – Funny short animation video film

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Sheep In The Island 2 included in the YP-P3: The Sequel to the first episode which was on the YP-P2....

Backwards Cop – Funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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A cop asks people to tap his partner on the back to get her attention, but baby got no back!

Amazing Street Dancer

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What kind of sorcery is this?

Sexy Santa Surprise Prank – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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This is one of the most intricate, strange and hilarious pranks! A photo of the victim's face is secretly taken, and cropped onto a sexy santa picture. The picture is then printed and put into a box with their name an...

This Reporter Can’t Say His Last Name Without Moving His Head

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who stabo on the doe bar?

How do you control the little monster’s in your brain? Brain Divided – Short Animation Film HD

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Check out this great CGI animated short film by the talented Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song and Joon Soo Song! Presented by Ringling College of Art and Design and debuting online exclusively in Cartoon Brew's 4th annu...

The little kid playing Pirates Of The Caribean – Sungha Jung – Awesome

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Sungha plays 'Pirates Of The Caribean' arranged by Wolfgang Vrecun. Pirates of the Caribbean is a multi-billion dollar Walt Disney franchise encompassing a theme park ride, a series of films and spinoff novels as well...

Girl plays three instruments at once! Amazing!!

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This girl plays three instruments all at the same time - very impressive.

Bagpipe Thunderstruck with Flames

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The worlds only flame throwing, leather clad, heavily tattooed punk rock warrior performing AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" in Fremantle,

This is.. Japan World Cup 3, Hilarious Funny

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Hightower and AxialMatt take a look at a 100% accurate recreation of horse racing in Japan.

Free Epic Dog Prank – Just Kidding – Funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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That's one awesome fat dog! Victims are asked to take care of the doggy for a minute... but then the owner hops on a scooter and disappears in the distance. That's a good way to get a free doggy daycare for a few hour...

Instant Accomplice – Wife Gives Wedding Ring to Hobo – Funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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They recruit strangers to help them play a prank on their loved ones! A homeless guy comes to your table asking for change, what do you do? Instead of spare change,  accomplices decide to give him their wedding rings....

She Has Two Left Feet – funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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We've all heard the expression "having two left feet", which simply means clumsy, but people who try to help this woman put a shoe on her right foot are in for a shock when the big toe is on the wrong side! She really...

Huge Bike Jump into a Pond 35 feet in the air – Sport Adventures Video

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Shout out to the Ensoul team, a team of extremely talented bikers , break dancers, poppers, and free runners. They had several of there team members doing the stunts for the video.

Fat ugly guy drinks Coca-Cola and eats Mentos

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Police officers in Brazil are thinking about using him to disperse protesters

Boston Terrier dog likes his belly tickled! Funny face – Too Cute

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Mackie likes his belly tickled. He makes funny faces. Silly puppy likes to play!

Funny Kittens And Puppies Discovering The Mirror

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Cute little kittens and puppies discovering the mirror and try to attack themselves.

Zoe a funny dog – This smart yellow lab picks up 3 tennis balls at once and smiles!

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How were you able to control your laughter after seeing that face?!

Baby Mali Uromastyx likes his belly rubbed.. Cute and Funny

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Baby Mali uromastyx wants her belly rubbed. Every time you open her cage and wiggle your fingers she comes running, flips on her back and waves her arms around while you scratch her tummy. Cutest thing ever!!!

A Very Happy Duck – Happy Feet

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It's like the duck is saying "Woohoo! Yay! I got bread from this human!" So cute

This Dog is So Baked – funny video clip

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this dog is probably out in a far away island playing with other dogs and dog treats.

Chinese Airport Worker could not be worse at his job…

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China Air-Freight Handlers at Guangzhou Airport - No Care Policy? This was amazing to watch.

Fireworks Contest in Nagano Japan – Winner was No 12

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Nagano Ebisukou Fireworks Display November 23, 2012 JAPAN , New Fireworks Contest!!! , In the contest, 15 manufacturers compete in a single shot of 12inch 300mm) shell.

Living in a 140 Sq ft house: The tiny house idea.

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Chris Tack made seven trips to Goodwill to get rid of his stuff, before moving into the 140-square-foot home he and his wife Malissa Tack designed and built. Constructed on a trailer bed and parked in Snohomish, Washi...