Never give up, never surrender (Sports Video Clip)

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During the craziest fourcross race ever at JBC 4X Revelations Michal Marosi did something unbelievable! Crashed hard on a pro section, got back on his bike and passed rest of the riders on wallride!

How Does A Gas Nozzle Know When To Shut Off? (Informative Video)

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If you've ever put gas in a car, you've probably noticed how the gas pump shuts off when your tank is full. But how does it know to do that? Learn more about the clever mechanism that keeps your gas tank from overflow...

Kid Magically Vanishes Into Thin Air – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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This kid is asking people to film him in a park. While they are distracted setting up the camera, the kid mysteriously vanishes into thin air. Paranormal phenomenon, or paranormal prank?

Employee FREAKS OUT at Mean Boss – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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It seems like this guy can't get a break from his overbearing boss. Fed up with all the complaining, he freaks out and decides to tape his boss' mouth shut!

Largest glacier calving ever filmed – Nature is magnificent

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"CHASING ICE" is NOMINATED for an Academy Award. captures largest glacier calving ever filmed. On May 28, 2008, Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Gr...

“I Quit!” lady dances around the office at 4AM

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By Uploader: I work for an awesome company that makes news videos. I have put my entire life into this job, but my boss only cares about quantity, how fast we write and how many views each video gets.I believe it'...

Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Movie Inspired Pranks Funny Collection

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Whether their pranks have retroactively inspired some great movies or have themselves been inspired by those great movies, no one can say for sure without having to mathematically disprove time travel. Whatever the ca...

The Snapping Book – Funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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People are looking at a large antique book when it suddenly snaps shut and startles them.

Funny Clown Police Prank – Just For Laughs Gags Practical Joke Video

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Two policemen danced a street clown dance. Although their performance is very funny, but the driver received a ticket laughing.

People got really pissed off by someone honking their car until they found out who was behind it

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The dog terrorizing passers-by, and the owner makes embarrassed.

Monkey Takes a Bath and Enjoys Lot

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Tell this kid to stop monkeying around..

Funniest Instant Accomplice Collection – Best Of Just For Laughs Gags

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Their motto is "Divide and Conquer" or rather... "Divide and Prank!" In these fun pranks, They recruit victims' loved-ones to fool them! For people who ever dreamed of working for the Gags, this is one way to live the...

Hilarious Japanese Dinosaur Prank Funny Video

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Dinosaurs Japan Hidden Camera

Player Grandpa Seduces Young Woman – Funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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Grandpa's pretty old, but this pick up artist has still got the moves! To the disbelief of onlookers, he successfully seduces a hot young woman while his wife is away...

Invention of Love (2010) – Animated Short Film by Andrey Shushkov

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A love story from the world of gears and bolts. Animated short 2010 (Graduation project) Inspired by Lotte Reiniger works and Antony Lucas's Jasper Morello film.  Written & Directed by Andrey Shushkov http://a-shu...

The Human Jukebox – Donations as votes, A fun and democratic way

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Donations as votes. A fun and democratic way for street musicians to receive money.

kid plays instrument awesomely Epic must watch

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difficult to be really impressed by something nowadays, but this....this was simply awesome!!

Amazing Street Dancer

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What kind of sorcery is this?

Disabled Man Taken for a Ride Prank – Funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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The disabled man's walker has fallen apart, and as people are trying to put it back together, the truck on whose bumper he's sitting takes off down the street!

Crazy Kid Sneaks In Gorilla Cage – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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The kid runs into the gorilla cage while the people aren't looking, and they are terrified for him. Not terrified enough to go in after him, but still, the horrified look on their faces is priceless!

Mentos and Diet Coke Prank on Sister – bigger sister rigged her diet coke bottle with a mentos before she did her challenge :)

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The diet coke bottle was already sabotaged with some mentos. The little girl's reaction is priceless. Never trust an older sister with a bottle of coke and mentos. At least, don't let her stand behind you.

Just For Laughs Gags – Season 1 Episode 3 – Funny hidden camera prank video collection

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Oldies, but goodies! Here goes: Squirting Skunk Duck and Walk Biker Woman Trips Cop Pigeon à la Carte Awkward! Here Comes the Bride Come Back Gorilla Watch the Meter Break Your Neck Perverted Nun What Did Y...

How do you control the little monster’s in your brain? Brain Divided – Short Animation Film HD

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Check out this great CGI animated short film by the talented Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song and Joon Soo Song! Presented by Ringling College of Art and Design and debuting online exclusively in Cartoon Brew's 4th annu...

One of the most inspirational and motivational videos you seen. Well done HBO.

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HBO "I Still Have A Soul" , from Paradise Square Films. The spec promo commercial centers on a homeless man who is looking to better himself, raising money every which way he can in order to pay for training as a boxe...

French bulldog is afraid of its own farts

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This French Bulldog is scared of his own farts.

Grizly Bear Cub & Wolf Cub Playing – Cho Cute Video Clip

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Lil' Bear and Tala playing in the Gift Shop of the Woodland Zoo. Note: In the middle of the clip there are pictures of these guys as they are 6 years later. THERE ARE NO VIDEO OF THEM 6 YEARS LATER BECAUSE THEY LEFT T...

Little boy getting chased by hungry chickens.

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This boy is a chick magnet!! :)

Meet Biscuit the Amazing Climbing Dog

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Biscuit the Climbing Dog from FRONT RANGE FREAKS by Sender Films

The cutest Puppy Can’t Roll Back Over – Funny

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Awww lil puppy couldn't roll back over heheh what a cutie though! :O)

A Very Happy Duck – Happy Feet

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It's like the duck is saying "Woohoo! Yay! I got bread from this human!" So cute

This exactly what I want to do to every driver on a cellphone

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Woman in Chinese sedan was turning left, do not give way to vehicles moving forward, and just did not work for an accident. Volkswagen driver was unrestrained briskly, took away the woman mobile phone and smashed on t...

North Cliffs Failure – Amazing Cliff Collapse caught on Camera!

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North Cliffs falling into the sea. Active Coastal Erosion in Cornwall. 1000's of tonnes of rock falling into the Atlantic!

A trip around Iceland with a GoPro and some juggling balls.

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Juggling Around Iceland