Never give up, never surrender (Sports Video Clip)

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During the craziest fourcross race ever at JBC 4X Revelations Michal Marosi did something unbelievable! Crashed hard on a pro section, got back on his bike and passed rest of the riders on wallride!

How Does A Gas Nozzle Know When To Shut Off? (Informative Video)

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If you've ever put gas in a car, you've probably noticed how the gas pump shuts off when your tank is full. But how does it know to do that? Learn more about the clever mechanism that keeps your gas tank from overflow...

Kid Magically Vanishes Into Thin Air – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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This kid is asking people to film him in a park. While they are distracted setting up the camera, the kid mysteriously vanishes into thin air. Paranormal phenomenon, or paranormal prank?

Employee FREAKS OUT at Mean Boss – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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It seems like this guy can't get a break from his overbearing boss. Fed up with all the complaining, he freaks out and decides to tape his boss' mouth shut!

Largest glacier calving ever filmed – Nature is magnificent

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"CHASING ICE" is NOMINATED for an Academy Award. captures largest glacier calving ever filmed. On May 28, 2008, Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Gr...

“I Quit!” lady dances around the office at 4AM

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By Uploader: I work for an awesome company that makes news videos. I have put my entire life into this job, but my boss only cares about quantity, how fast we write and how many views each video gets.I believe it'...

Best of Just For Laughs Gags – Creepy Coffin Pranks funny video clip hidden camera collection

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Who says that we can't poke fun at death? Watch the best coffin pranks that they've made here at Just for Laughs Gags (they're more funny than scary!)

This Reporter Can’t Say His Last Name Without Moving His Head

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who stabo on the doe bar?

Wet Girl, Dry Girl – Just Kidding Prank – Funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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This little girl magically switches from dry to wet making people question their sanity! Just how does she pull it off? Turns out she's just twins! Both of them!

Fake Police Officer Tricks Drivers – Just Kidding – Funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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This kid looks pretty intimidating in his police outfit, but these drivers begin to look suspicious once he pulls off his aviators and reveals that he's not even old enough to drive a car.

Wolf dog sings to a baby to stop his cry

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A breed of wolf-dog sings to a baby and surprisingly calms him. But meh... with the dog singing like that who wouldn't calm?! XD.

Just For Laughs Gags – Season 1 Episode 6 – Funny hidden camera prank video collection

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Take a trip back to memory lane with these hilarious gags!Tire Explosion Wrong hug feels so right Information Desk Attendant On Speed Falling pipes prank Painter's Green Hand Prank Prankers pranking of being ...

Scaredy-Cop – Funny hidden camera prank video from just for laughs gags

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The cop has pulled people over and is calling in their driver's license information. In the meantime, his partner is sneaking up on him, and everyone gets a scare!

Americans in Japan

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A wild American causes trouble in the exotic realm of Japanese anime.

Girl plays three instruments at once! Amazing!!

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This girl plays three instruments all at the same time - very impressive.

More people should know this instrument – Daniel Waples – hang drum solo – HD Music Video

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The Hang is a musical percussion instrument created in laboratories belonging to the company PANART, by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in a canton of Switzerland in 2000. Hang means Hand in language Oberland. It was ...

Girl Learns to Dance in a Year (TIME LAPSE)

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By Original Owner: People who watch me dance today sometimes assume I've been dancing for many years. I made this video so you could see the awkward body that started just one year ago.Here's my secret: I practice...

Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Best Jesus Pranks – Vol. 2 – Funny hidden camera prank video collection

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Best of Jesus? Again? Indeed. It is Sunday, after all. Enjoy some classic religion-based pranks that will make you a believer.

The Human Jukebox – Donations as votes, A fun and democratic way

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Donations as votes. A fun and democratic way for street musicians to receive money.

Face Door Knocker Comes to Life – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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The door knocker comes to life and scares the bejeebus out of people trying to deliver a package!

Lazy Mailman FAILS at His Job – funny video clip hidden camera prank from just for laughs gags

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This mailman is having a hard time carrying his bag of letters. To lighten the load, he decides it would be a brilliant idea to throw a bunch of letters in the trash. You had one job, Mr. Mailman...

Where The Trail Ends – Best of (epic MTB / freeride) – Just Amazing Video, Enjoy HD

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Best moments from "Where The Trail Ends" Music: Lights Out Asia - Ghost Identifier

Fat ugly guy drinks Coca-Cola and eats Mentos

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Police officers in Brazil are thinking about using him to disperse protesters

Awesome uses for a bird feeder No. 1 – twirl a squirrel champ

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Don't worry - he's alive and well! We call him "Hardiman" because of his longevity on the twirl-a-squirrel. This was his second lengthy ride that brought tears to our eyes. He survived in good health and ran down the ...

Northern Water Snake Swallowing a Fish with hook in it – at Tookany Creek Philadelphia, PA

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Uploader's Words: I was fishing for Largemouth Bass using a Bluegill on a size 2/0 hook at Tookany Creek, when suddenly a Northern Water Snake popped out from under a rock and whacked my Bluegill.I was curious to ...

Awesome People and Amazing Animals

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A compilation of awesome people and amazing animals.

Cute baby elephant’s first steps -and steps on his trunk! Hilarious video!

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Cute video of a baby elephant, newborn, getting used to standing upright and stepping on his trunk. Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire, UK

Monkey Takes a Bath and Enjoys Lot

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Tell this kid to stop monkeying around..

It’s impossible to imagine that this man ever has a bad day.

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Twisted Sisters, Hope and Rosey, English Springers, sisters Hope and Rose, spin for their dinnertime!

They set up a trampoline next to a cliff diving spot in Arizona.. Clear Creek Trampoline Cliff Jumping

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friends set up a trampoline next to a cliff at Clear Creek in Winslow, AZ. Tons of flips and cliff diving ensued. Great Times.

Living in a 140 Sq ft house: The tiny house idea.

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Chris Tack made seven trips to Goodwill to get rid of his stuff, before moving into the 140-square-foot home he and his wife Malissa Tack designed and built. Constructed on a trailer bed and parked in Snohomish, Washi...

A Day with a Russian Billionaire

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To see how the .00001% lives, they met up with infamous Russian oligarch Sergey Veremeenko and spent quality time hog-hunting and helicopter-joyriding at his private estate outside Moscow.